4 Perfect First Date Ideas for Star Wars Lovers

So you mustered up the nerve to ask out that adorable Star Wars nut you’ve been eyeing. Congrats! The hardest part is over. Now all you have to do is plan the perfect first date, only you two are not the typical “first-daters.” You connected in the first place because you fricking fracking love Star Wars, which ups the ante pretty high as far as what the expectations will be for your date.

No need to start panicking, we’ve got you covered. This list of bomb-diggity first date ideas will surely not disappoint. Join us, and together, we can rule the galaxy…I mean the date.

Hit an Arcade Bar

Games are a great way to get flirty and keep things light-hearted, with a few awkward lulls as possible. Have a themed drink, rack up some tickets, and cash them in at the end together for a fun memento to remember the night by. Maybe even snag a photo booth pic.

Have a Star Wars Marathon Night

What’s better than an opportunity to eat some popcorn and watch every single Star Wars movie you can stay awake for? Throw in Space Balls for a laugh or two in the midst of all the darkness of outer space. All you have to do is create the mood with some romantic string lights and warm blankets, and maybe even make her/him a star-wars-themed adult beverage from this awesome list. Jabba juice anyone? You’ll have plenty of opportunity for some subtle cuddling, plus you can both be extra comfortable and talk about the movies in real time. Who knows? If you’re lucky, maybe the force will bring you together for a first kiss…

Do a Design & Wine – Star Wars-Style

You know those places where you bring your own wine and paint? Well get on that computer and sign up for one. Only pick the kind where you can paint whatever you want, and bring your favorite Star Wars characters to life on canvas. Meanwhile, you get to sip wine or champagne with your new luuuuv interest. It’s a great way to get the conversation moving, loosen up, and start the night off with a light, romantic activity. Of course, you’ll want to hit a yummy dinner afterward, because, wine. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

Go Bowling Dressed Up Like Star Wars Characters

If you’re both true Star Wars junkies, odds are, you have a costume or two tucked away in that closet. Of course, you’ll both have to agree to wear them, but the quirkiness of being dressed up will be an ice-breaker and an easy way to start to get to know each other. And who doesn’t like bowling? So If you’re beer-drinkers, grab a pitcher and your ball, snag those hideous shoes, and pick a lane. It’s just the two of you for the rest of the night! Well, you and your alter-egos…

No matter what, you will first get date butterflies. But whatever you do for the big first date, be authentic. The best dating advice I’ve ever received is to never try too hard. Don’t worry about what you think the other person is looking for. Just be yourself. That way, at the end of the date, you’ll know 100 percent if he/she likes you for you. Now go get your romance on. And may the force will be with you. Always.

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