The Unknown Ways of The Force
Lesser-known Force Sensitive Users

The Force flows through all living things in the Star Wars galaxy. Most people recognize the Jedi, Sith, and Grey Jedi as the major Force-sensitives in the galaxy. There exist, however, other organizations and traditions that make use of the Force in their own way. Their traditions and techniques provide a deeper insight into the mysterious nature of the Force.  Some of these groups and organizations could be categorized as light or dark side users but many existed somewhere in

Geek Dating With Find Your Forces
Dating Geek

Online dating can be an absolute pain, especially if you are a geek not interested in the usual, mind-numbing conversations. Between fake profiles and annoying bots, online geek dating is anything but easy to use. Usually, there is no community in place either. All these things can make online dating especially for geeks almost impossible.  Fortunately, for Star Wars fans Find Your Forces is the premier website for online geek dating. We make finding someone with the same interests and