Droids Of The Star Wars Universe
Droids Of The Star Wars Universe

The release of Star Wars introduced moviegoers and the world to wonderful robots named droids. Since the first film, A New Hope in 1977, the number of droids and their different designs and personalities has created a rich gallery of both heroic and villainous mechanical characters that drive stories in a galaxy far, far away. There are a vast number of droids generally categorized depending on their functionality and designed purpose. Some are copilots on starships, assassins in the Outer

Star Wars Dating
How Star Wars Can Lead To Love

The galaxy far, far away has been enthralling audiences and capturing the imagination of millions for generations since the first film, A New Hope released in 1977. Since then Star Wars has grown from a trilogy of sci-fi movies into a cultural powerhouse which has influenced the passions of countless people. An innumerable amount of authors, scientists, artists, musicians, engineers, and many other integral contributors to society cite Star Wars as the driving force that led them to their careers. The