The Lightsaber: An Elegant Weapon
Lightsaber Star Wars Dating

Star Wars introduced audiences to a wide host of memorable characters, vehicles, planets, and species that generations still continued to enjoy. No other item in a galaxy far, far away has intrigued fans quite as much as the lightsaber, the weapon of choice used by both the Jedi and the Sith. The lightsaber, which at times was also referred to as a laser sword, was comprised of a concentrated plasma “blade” powered by a kyber crystal that was emitted generally

Free Geek Dating Sites vs. Star Wars Dating
Free Geek Dating Sites

The ability of the internet to connect people has given rise to free geek dating sites which offer people the opportunity to connect with each other based on their interests. These sites, however, do not cater to a specific interest let alone work to match like-minded people into lasting romantic relationships. Free geek dating sites generally operate under a broad umbrella and do not cater to any specific area of geekdom, instead throwing everyone under one group. In contrast to