Top Online Dating Sites For Star Wars Singles
Top Online Dating Sites Star Wars Singles

Top online dating sites are often impersonal and based around connecting complete strangers based on arbitrary factors. Fortunately, for Star Wars fans, Find Your Forces can connect Star Wars singles together for the first time ever. Have you ever wanted to marathon the Original Trilogy with someone who loves it as much as you do? How about just discussing who was the greatest Sith Lord of all time while on a date? Now, with our Star Wars dating site, you

Remembering Chewbacca
Remembering Chewbacca

With the passing of beloved actor Peter Mayhew, Star Wars fans of all generations and around the world celebrate the actor’s life. Mayhew was best known to fans as the unforgettable Wookie warrior and smuggler, Chewbacca. The character was extremely popular from the start with his introduction as Han Solo’s co-pilot and grew to become a cultural staple. The character, like the actor, both became an intrinsic part of that galaxy far, far away. Below we will examine the origins