Ground Forces Of The Empire

Much of the action in Star Wars occurs deep in space among asteroids, the debris of lost ships, and incredible celestial horizons. Some of the greatest battles in the Star Wars universe occur planetside, however. During the Galactic Civil War, the Empire invested heavily on powerful ground vehicles and highly trained troops to suppress dissident voices and maintain their authoritarian control. Some of these vehicles, with their unforgettable designs, have become cultural icons.  All-Terrain Scout Transport: AT-ST The AT-ST Walker

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Since 1977, Star Wars has continued to inspire generations that share an absolute passion for that galaxy far, far away. With the newest trilogy of films produced by Disney, more and more people all over the world continue to become new fans every single day. This is because unlike any other relatively young media franchise, Star Wars has made an incredible impact on global cultural and will continue to do so. The internet has allowed Star Wars fans from all over