4 Perfect First Date Ideas for Star Wars Lovers

So you mustered up the nerve to ask out that adorable Star Wars nut you’ve been eyeing. Congrats! The hardest part is over. Now all you have to do is plan the perfect first date, only you two are not the typical “first-daters.” You connected in the first place because you fricking fracking love Star Wars, which ups the ante pretty high as far as what the expectations will be for your date. No need to start panicking, we’ve got

Star Wars Dating
Star Wars online dating

Have you ever wondered how you could find local singles that share your passion for Star Wars? Let’s be honest, the complexities of what is happening in a galaxy far, far away can be a hard topic to bring up at a bar with strangers. Fortunately, the path to finding Star Wars dating experiences is now a few clicks away. Continue reading if you are interested in finding love interests or just like-minded people from a Star Wars dating site.