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Your Star Wars Soulmate Quiz

Somewhere, In a fictional galaxy far far away, lives a fantastical group of characters we wish we could meet, have a drink with and oh, I don’t know…marry? Luke. Han. Leia. Even Darth may have a cuddly appeal to some for a Saturday night at home watching Netflix… Luke, I am your wifey. These characters have infiltrated our souls. So, one might say, they could be our soul mates. That’s why we’ve designed a quiz so that when your dreams


5 Reasons We Are the Only Star Wars Fan Dating Site You Need!

Star Wars Fan Dating Site

Interested in finding love? Come join the only Star Wars fan dating site you need! Find Your Forces brings both fans and Star Wars singles together to match up lovers from both sides of the Force. Whether you are looking for true love or just want to talk about who really shot first while on a date, now you can! We are just a community of down to Earth people building out of this world relationships. So quit waiting for