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The Strangest Creatures In The Star Wars Galaxy

Strangest Star Wars Creatures

Some of the most memorable characteristics of the already memorable Star Wars franchise are the incredible creatures that inhabit the galaxy. Every Star Wars fan remembers the Rancor from Jabba’s Palace or the deadly Sarlacc that inhabits the Dune Sea of Tatooine. There are countless other strange and sometimes terrifying creatures that exist within the Star Wars galaxy. Below, we’ll examine some of these strange and unforgettable creatures.  The Anzati, Humanoid Vampires Some of the deadliest creatures within the Star


Star Wars Dating For Geeks Online

Dating for Geeks

In the past dating for geeks has always been a challenge. Let’s face it, we’re geeks because we love what most of society might scoff as “childish”. We understand better than most how rewarding and fun it can be geeking over the latest comic book film, video game, or opportunity to cosplay a new character. One of the largest fan groups has always (and perhaps always will be) Star Wars fans.  The popularity of the Star Wars franchise has inspired