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Online Dating in a Galaxy Far Away

Online Dating

Online Dating in a Galaxy Far Away A great tool to find a long-lasting relationship is online dating. It’s ok to feel a little skeptical about it if you don’t know what to expect. For those who are not used to social interactions will find the Internet to be a more suitable environment to start a conversation with a stranger, but this comfort comes with a few emotional hurdles. In order to have meaning in your social interactions, you have


Star Wars Community-Centric Online Geek Dating

Online Dating Geek

Let’s face it, online geek dating can be just as difficult as other forms of online dating. There are numerous ads, it’s difficult finding people with similar passions, and let’s not forget the army of bots.  There are so many challenges when it comes to online dating for nerds and geeks that most of us just don’t bother. Fortunately, one site has committed itself to changing this with determination and some geek gumption.  Find Your Forces is an online geek