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One To Embody Power, The Other To Crave It: The Rule Of Two

Rule of Two Star Wars

The secretive ways of the often malevolent Sith have always fascinated Star Wars fans. Their power structure, their traditions, and their mythologies have all made them incredibly popular for fans of the franchise. Since the conclusion of the Original Trilogy, the lore on the Sith has expanded exponentially.  One of the most interesting and central tenants of Sith philosophy was the Rule of Two. This philosophy can be found with the various Lords of the Sith that have been introduced


What Makes Us Different From Other Dating Sites For Nerds And Geeks?

Dating Sites For Nerds And Geeks

Online dating, especially dating sites for nerds and geeks, has grown more and more popular due to the numerous benefits and opportunities they provide people with similar passions. When it comes to Star Wars singles looking for a Star Wars dating site, there’s no better choice than Find Your Forces. When it comes to stories from a galaxy far, far away, fans of all kinds have been passionate about it since it was first released more than four decades ago.