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Dividing The Star Wars Chronology

Star Wars Historical Eras

One of the major aspects of Star Wars lore that offers nearly infinite story possibilities is the division of the historical eras. The stories that take place in that galaxy far, far away encompass thousands of years of history. In order to better categorize the Star Wars chronology, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Lucas Licensing established eight publishing eras for all Star Wars material.  Symbols for each of the eras were also established, allowing readers to easily determine where a particular work


One To Embody Power, The Other To Crave It: The Rule Of Two

Rule of Two Star Wars

The secretive ways of the often malevolent Sith have always fascinated Star Wars fans. Their power structure, their traditions, and their mythologies have all made them incredibly popular for fans of the franchise. Since the conclusion of the Original Trilogy, the lore on the Sith has expanded exponentially.  One of the most interesting and central tenants of Sith philosophy was the Rule of Two. This philosophy can be found with the various Lords of the Sith that have been introduced