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The Best Starships In Star Wars You’ve Never Heard Of

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Some of the most memorable aspects out of the many that make up the galaxy far, far away are the incredible starships that fans have come to love. Some of these starships, like the Millennium Falcon, have become cultural icons beloved by millions. Although there are thousands of different starships with unique designs and memorable pilots, there are still many that stand out. Some of these starships are barely mentioned in the films but their lore have been expanded through various


Life Aboard The Death Star

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The Death Star created an incredible level of mystique and wonder the moment the superweapon was first introduced in A New Hope. So large it could be easily mistaken for a small moon and powerful enough to completely destroy a planet, the Death Star and its inner workings have continued to captivate audiences through the generations that have followed. This continued interest has made the Death Star a true cultural icon recognized by people outside of Star Wars fandom. This