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Star Wars And Video Games

Star Wars Video Games

The Star Wars franchise has given birth to countless products from action figures to novels that expanded the incredible galaxy far, far away. Video games were one of the many avenues in which the Star Wars property expanded into, almost from the start. The technological advancements in game development and gaming consoles over the course of time have allowed new and incredibly detailed stories in the Star Wars universe to be shared with new and old fans alike. The history


The Interquel Of Star Wars

Star Wars Geek Dating

The Star Wars franchise has spawned an entire galaxy of products including actions, figures, comic books, novels, video games, and countless more in the time since its inception. In 1994 Lucasfilm took on a massive undertaking that would reinvigorate the Star Wars franchise and open the way for The Phantom Menace in 1999, creating renewed interest in fans and the general public at large. Lucasfilm would do this by creating a multimedia project that would include a vast number of