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The Interquel Of Star Wars

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The Star Wars franchise has spawned an entire galaxy of products including actions, figures, comic books, novels, video games, and countless more in the time since its inception. In 1994 Lucasfilm took on a massive undertaking that would reinvigorate the Star Wars franchise and open the way for The Phantom Menace in 1999, creating renewed interest in fans and the general public at large. Lucasfilm would do this by creating a multimedia project that would include a vast number of


The Best Starships In Star Wars You’ve Never Heard Of

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Some of the most memorable aspects out of the many that make up the galaxy far, far away are the incredible starships that fans have come to love. Some of these starships, like the Millennium Falcon, have become cultural icons beloved by millions. Although there are thousands of different starships with unique designs and memorable pilots, there are still many that stand out. Some of these starships are barely mentioned in the films but their lore have been expanded through various