The Best Starships In Star Wars You’ve Never Heard Of

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Some of the most memorable aspects out of the many that make up the galaxy far, far away are the incredible starships that fans have come to love. Some of these starships, like the Millennium Falcon, have become cultural icons beloved by millions. Although there are thousands of different starships with unique designs and memorable pilots, there are still many that stand out. Some of these starships are barely mentioned in the films but their lore have been expanded through various Star Wars media throughout the years.

This article will highlight some of those lesser-known but unique ships manned by memorable pilots. Many of these starships have experienced space battles, adventures, and intrigue that few could imagine. Prepare to take off and let’s take a look at these unforgettable starships of the Star Wars galaxy!

YT-2400 Light Freighter – The Outrider

The Outrider slightly resembles the Millenium Falcon and this is not a coincidence. The Corellian Engineering Corporation is responsible for both light freighters. In the case of the Outrider, this YT-2400 light freighter had undergone heavy modifications. One such modification was the replacement of the original engines with three KonGar KGDefender military-grade ion engines that had been stolen from the Imperial Academy on Corulag. A modified SoroSuub Griffyn/Y2TG hyperdrive replaced the factory issued model. The Outrider also contained an advanced stealth and countermeasure package.

The smuggler Dash Rendar was the Outrider’s captain and often claimed that his ship was almost as famous as Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. The Outrider, captain Rendar, and the copilot LE-BO2D9 once participated in a rescue attempt of Han Solo from the bounty hunter Boba Fett following the events of the film The Empire Strikes Back.

Modified TIE Variant – IG-1000

The IG-1000 was a modified TIE variant starfighter/transporter which was armed with two laser cannons and piloted by the assassin droid IG-88. Unlike the standard cockpit windows of the common TIE-series starfighters and transports, the IG-1000 had square and angular windows. The IG-1000 used a single thruster and had similar solar gathering panels to those on the TIE/IN interceptor. The pilot of the modified TIE variant was an IG-series assassin droid designed by Holowan Laboratories. The feared bounty hunter once saved the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO to advance its own assignment.

Six Heavy Dreadnought-Class Heavy Cruiser A Around Central Core – Outbound Flight

Unlike other starships in this article, the Outbound Flight is a collection of six Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers placed around a Central Storage Core, which acted as the central hub of the ship. The Outbound Flight was a part of the Outbound Flight Project and designed to carry fifty-thousand men, women, and children, along with twelve Jedi Knights into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. The project and the ship were spearheaded by the famed Jedi Master Jorus C’baoth with the hope of colonizing worlds in the Unknown Regions.

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