The Legions Of The First Order

Legions of First Order

Following the fall of the Galactic Empire in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War, the First Order Stormtrooper Corps were formed. The First Order began secretly mobilizing a new generation of stormtroopers despite the Galactic Concordance which forbade this.

The armored soldiers of the First Order evolved from the stormtroopers employed by the Galactic Empire and served as its military arm. Like the Imperial stormtroopers that came before them and the clone troopers before them, the First Order’s stormtroopers wore distinct white armor.

Unlike their Imperial predecessors, First Order stormtroopers were trained at birth and were often kidnapped as young children from every corner of the galaxy. Their training program was designed to produce an army of super-soldiers devoid of individual identity and absolutely loyal to the ideals of the First Order. 

The First Order stormtrooper corps retained specialized troopers similar to the Republic and Empire. The specialized units were trained and equipped to function in a variety of fields and environments.

They were also deployed alongside infantry units in an auxiliary support capacity. Below are some of the specialized stormtroopers the First Order employed. 

Electropod Troopers

The electropod troopers, also known as electropod stormtroopers, were outfitted with electropods. The electropod was an electrical melee weapon used for crowd control and riot situations. The electropod trooper appeared in Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker.

Elite Stormtrooper

The First Order maintained a number of elite stormtroopers that were part of the special forces branch of its military. They utilized heavily modified speeder bikes and were deployed for high-risk operations. Elite stormtroopers differ in appearance from standard infantry with black armor that featured two red stripes on the left-side of their chestplate.

Jet Troopers

First Order jet troopers, also known as rocket troopers, specialized in aerial combat operations. Two variants of the First Order’s jet troopers existed. Variant I was equipped with a standard stormtrooper helmet and a control box on their chest armor. By contrast, variant II rocket troopers sported red markings on the chest armor, no control box, and an inscription in Aurrebesh. 


During their war with the Resistance, the First Order employed specialized stormtroopers named Raiders. The First Order Raiders were highly skilled hunters who were tasked with acquiring ancient Sith artifacts by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. 


The First Order flametroopers were specialized units equipped with D-93 Incinerators designed to eliminate entrenched enemy positions. Their armor was designed to be flame-proof and they were feared for their ability to turn any battlefield into an inferno. Resistance fighters were commonly called flametroopers, hotheads, burnouts, and roasters. 

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