The Lightsaber: An Elegant Weapon

Lightsaber Star Wars Dating

Star Wars introduced audiences to a wide host of memorable characters, vehicles, planets, and species that generations still continued to enjoy. No other item in a galaxy far, far away has intrigued fans quite as much as the lightsaber, the weapon of choice used by both the Jedi and the Sith.

The lightsaber, which at times was also referred to as a laser sword, was comprised of a concentrated plasma “blade” powered by a kyber crystal that was emitted generally from a metal hilt, which could be shot off at will by the user. Typically, mastering the lightsaber required a tremendous amount of training, skill, and technique which could be tremendously enhanced in conjunction with the use of the Force.

The lightsaber was wielded by many force-sensitives, including some non-Force users. However, in the galaxy, the weapon was culturally synonymous with the Jedi with some believing only the enigmatic warriors were able to use lightsabers. This belief only grew following the rise of the First Galactic Empire following the Jedi Purge and the end of the Clone Wars.

Whether it was for offense or defense, the lightsaber’s ability to not only cut through foes but also through virtually any material made the weapon deadly. Lightsabers were also capable of deflecting blaster bolts, often making them far superior to blaster technology.

The lightsaber could typically only be blocked by a weapon made of energy conducting materials, such as an Electrostaff, some rare or unique metals, and other lightsabers. Force-sensitive users could often enhance the capabilities of a lightsaber by channeling the Force, allowing them to deflect blaster bolts and absorb attacks such as Force Lightning.

Most Force-users, whether Sith or Jedi, typically used lightsabers with a single blade. However, there were multiple variations of the weapon, including double-bladed, while some users even opted to dual wield the weapon while some species could use multiple. Using the lightsaber in combat required understanding a number of Forms that could be described as combat stances, which could benefit different circumstances or even the user’s personality and character.

Lightsabers can be found throughout galactic history extending thousands of years before the Galactic Republic. The earliest iteration of the lightsaber required a battery pack to be worn around the waist of the user and lacked the vent used by future models.

Darth Vader owned a proto-saber in an Imperial base on the volcanic planet of Mustafar, not far from Fortress Vader. During a mission to the planet, members of the Rebel Alliance noted that the weapon had a crossguard with two prongs protruding from either side of the top and emitted a white light of energy between the two prongs.

One of the unique characteristics of the lightsaber was that they would typically be built by their wielder using carefully chosen components that made each lightsaber unique down to its ergonomic design. The process of building the weapon could be dangerous and only through dedicated focus, channeling the Force, and more than one try could the wielder hope to build a successfully functioning and efficient weapon.

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