The Strangest Creatures In The Star Wars Galaxy

Strangest Star Wars Creatures

Some of the most memorable characteristics of the already memorable Star Wars franchise are the incredible creatures that inhabit the galaxy. Every Star Wars fan remembers the Rancor from Jabba’s Palace or the deadly Sarlacc that inhabits the Dune Sea of Tatooine.

There are countless other strange and sometimes terrifying creatures that exist within the Star Wars galaxy. Below, we’ll examine some of these strange and unforgettable creatures. 

The Anzati, Humanoid Vampires

Some of the deadliest creatures within the Star Wars galaxy are the vampiric, force-sensitive Anzati from the planet Anzat. The Anzati appeared human but with several key differences.

Physically, the Anzati had bulbous noses, flared nostrils, and grayish-hued skin. Although few xenobiologists had the opportunity to study the Anzati, one of the strangest biological characteristics of the species was their lack of a pulse and no body heat. 

The Anzati were capable of living up to millennia if they sustained themselves sufficiently. Using two hidden proboscises beneath their cheeks, they could insert them into the nostrils of a victim and then drain the victim’s cranial contents.

They were particularly fond of draining force-sensitive individuals and were able to develop psychic abilities as a result of this. 

The Decraniated, The Victims Of Evazan

Most Star Wars fans remember the disfigured man who bumped into Luke Skywalker in Mos Eisley cantina and warned him he was wanted on twelve systems. The creation of the Decraniated is the reason this man, known as Dr. Cornelius Evazan, was a wanted fugitive.

The Decraniated were created by Evazan and were victims of the Saw Gerrera insurgency against the Imperial occupation of Jedha. The brains of these victims were removed by Evazan and then replaced with a programmable neuro-box interface.

This procedure left these victims as little more than organic droids. Traces of their humanity could still be seen from the lower portion of their face, however, their eyes were obscured by the neuro-box. Certainly, one of the strangest and pitiful creatures in the Star Wars galaxy. 

B’Omarr Monks, Religious Cyborg Spiders

The B’Omarr monks may be the strangest religious order in the Star Wars galaxy. The B’Omarr religious order extended to various locations throughout the galaxy where they constructed monasteries for their religious sect.

The most famous of these monasteries was converted into a palace on Tatooine by Jabba the Hutt. One of the monks makes a brief appearance in Return of the Jedi. 

What makes the B’Omarr so strange (and terrifying) is their practice of removing their brains from their bodies and inserting them into robotic, six-legged spiders. Why the B’Omarr monks do this is up for debate since the order is highly closed off to most outsiders. The entire procedure is considered a sacred ritual. 

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