The Unknown Ways of The Force

Lesser-known Force Sensitive Users

The Force flows through all living things in the Star Wars galaxy. Most people recognize the Jedi, Sith, and Grey Jedi as the major Force-sensitives in the galaxy.

There exist, however, other organizations and traditions that make use of the Force in their own way. Their traditions and techniques provide a deeper insight into the mysterious nature of the Force. 

Some of these groups and organizations could be categorized as light or dark side users but many existed somewhere in between the traditional paths. For these groups, the dramas and conflicts between the Jedi and Sith meant very little.

Below are some of these independent Force-user groups and some of their beliefs. If you are interested in online geek dating specially designed to bring Star Wars fans together, be sure to sign up at Find Your Forces today. 

The Ysanna, Guardians Of The Great Jedi Library

During the Great Sith War that occurred in 3996 BBY, the Cron Cluster was forced into a supernova during the Battle of Kemplex IX. The blast devastated the planet of Ossus and caused the deaths of billions on the planet. The descendents of the survivors became the Ysanna, a race of Force-sensitives. 

The Ysanna shared many ancestors who were members of the Jedi Order that had been studying at the Great Jedi Library. The genetic and cultural make-up of their ancestors meant that many of the Ysanna were Force-sensitive and held many traditional Jedi philosophies and ideologies.

Although they were very primitive, they were also fiercely committed to protecting the remains of the Great Jedi Library, despite never venturing inside. 

The Nightsisters/Witches of Dathomir, Daughters Of Allya

Sometime around 600 BBY, a powerful but rogue Jedi Knight named Allya was expelled from the Jedi Order and exiled to a penal colony on Dathomir. The planet Dathomir in the Outer Rim Territories had a powerful life energy.

Allya channeled this life energy to teach the penal colony’s women to master the Force, who would become known as the Nightsisters. In the decades that followed, the descendants of the women Allya taught divided themselves into female-dominated clans that adopted names after regional landmarks.

Each clan was unique and held different traditions and ideologies. Nevertheless, all the clans shared a single tenant: “Never concede to evil”.

The Aing-Tii, Reclusive Warrior Monks

Deep within the Kathol sector of space in the dangerous Kathol Rift existed a planet that was home to the Aing-Tii. The Aing-Tii was an extremely reclusive and xenophobic species of alien monks.

Most members of the species were Force-sensitives. Only Force-sensitive Aing-Tii would leave the planet, traveling the Rift in massive, organic starships. 

The Aing-Tii guarded their world using violence and advanced technology to keep all outsiders from learning too much about their species. They held a belief system centered around the belief that not all events were necessarily predetermined.

Instead of viewing the Force as light or dark, good or evil, they believed it was full of colors, like a rainbow. 

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