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Top online dating sites are often impersonal and based around connecting complete strangers based on arbitrary factors. Fortunately, for Star Wars fans, Find Your Forces can connect Star Wars singles together for the first time ever.

Have you ever wanted to marathon the Original Trilogy with someone who loves it as much as you do? How about just discussing who was the greatest Sith Lord of all time while on a date? Now, with our Star Wars dating site, you finally can.

Online dating sites are often filled with annoying bots, advertisements, and anything other than romance and interest. That is why we created a fun and engaging platform where Star Wars fans from all over the world can connect, meet new people, and find true romance.

Below are some of the reasons why Star Wars fans continue to find lasting relationships on Find Your Forces.

Everyone Shares an Important Interest

Star Wars has continued to inspire and interest people all over the world for decades. In fact, the Star Wars community is one of the most active in the world with people of all backgrounds and ages.

Find Your Forces brings Star Wars fans together through their deep love of that ‘galaxy far, far away’. Everyone you meet on Find Your Forces is a tried and true fan that shares the same passion for Star Wars as you. This has allowed us to become one of the top online dating sites for Star Wars fans everywhere.

Connect to People Within the Same Star Wars-Related Interests

There is a galaxy of Star Wars related topics and experiences that fan love to participate in. Whether you love to visit conventions and cosplay or love Star Wars trivia and video games there is someone on Find Your Forces for you.

We use specially designed questions that can tell you whether you belong to the Light or Dark side of the Force and that let us know what Star Wars-related activities you enjoy most. We are then able to match you with Star Wars singles with similar interests.

More Than Just an Online Dating Site for Star Wars Fans

Apart from meeting the Star Wars princess or rogue of your dreams, you can also make new friends and participate in community-wide discussions and local events. Our members are able to meet other Star Wars fans in their home town and can stay up-to-date with local Star Wars events in their city.

We help members become more active in their local Star Wars fan community and meet new people along the way. This has made Find Your Forces one of the top online dating sites for Star Wars fans.

No Third-Party Ads, Ad Accounts, or Bots

Internet advertisement can completely ruin the online dating experience and most experiences for that matter. That is why Find Your Forces guarantees its members a completely ad-free experience when they join.

We validate every account to ensure no bots or advertisements get through and creating a better experience for our members. Sign up today and start to interact with your perfect match!

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