What Are In The Unknown Regions Of The Galaxy?

Star Wars The Unknown Regions

The Star Wars galaxy has become incredibly endearing to fans of all ages for its detail, sights, and more. Beautiful but deadly planets, asteroid fields glittering in the darkness, and vivid nebulas hiding ancient secrets have made that galaxy far, far away a truly special and unforgettable place. One of the most mysterious environments in the galaxy is the Unknown Regions. 

Most of the galaxy has been charted and inhabited by countless species all interacting with one another. These regions, like the Core Worlds or the Outer Rim, are well recognized and have established cultures and governments defining day to day life. By contrast, the Unknown Regions are, as their name suggests, unknown. 

Few explorers from the “civilized” galactic regions have been able to explore the Unknown Regions. Those who have managed to venture into this dangerous part of the galaxy have ever returned. Below are some of what we know about the Unknown Regions including why it has historically been so dangerous to explore. 

An Unexplored Labyrinth

During the Galactic Civil War, the Unknown Regions (sometimes referred to as Unknown Space or the Unknown Territories) was an unexplored region of the galaxy. The Unknown Regions were incredibly difficult to explore due to the large number of hazards present.

Some of the navigational hazards in the Unknown Regions included solar storms, rogue magnetospheres, black holes, gravity wells, and even stranger features. In some places in the Unknown Regions, incredibly massive creatures were known to freely roam the vacuum of space. These unidentified creatures could pose an incredible threat to explorers.

Most navigational experts consider the Unknown Regions to be completely impassable. It was not uncommon for exploration ships and probe droids to become lost forever in that unknown void. 

By 5 ABY, the Imperial astronomical computers at the Jakku Observatory had managed to plot a safe route through the maze that was the Unknown Regions. The journey through involved multiple short hyperspace jumps and would take several months to complete. 

Inside The Unknown Regions

Despite the fact that the Unknown Regions were largely unexplored by the galaxy at large, it was still inhabited with many important locations. Some of these locations were ancient homeworlds whose species’ shaped the future of the galaxy as a whole.

Rakata Prime, the Ilum System, and the origin of Starkiller Base were all found within this unexplored region of the galaxy. The site of the first Jedi temple was also located in the Unknown Regions, on the oceanic world of Ahch-To.

The Chiss homeworld of Csilla was also located in the Unknown Regions. From here the Chiss Ascendency formed a powerful empire that called this dangerous region of space their dominion. 

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