Your Star Wars Soulmate Quiz

Somewhere, In a fictional galaxy far far away, lives a fantastical group of characters we wish we could meet, have a drink with and oh, I don’t know…marry? Luke. Han. Leia. Even Darth may have a cuddly appeal to some for a Saturday night at home watching Netflix…

Luke, I am your wifey.

Star Wars Soulmate

These characters have infiltrated our souls. So, one might say, they could be our soul mates. That’s why we’ve designed a quiz so that when your dreams come true and you meet these characters, you can be certain you’re chatting up the right one — your Star Wars soulmate.

Take the quiz, so you can finally stop wondering…

There is an intergalactic war breaking out. Stormtroopers will arrive any minute. Your first thought is:

  1. Get me my lightsaber!
  2. Who started it? I must find them.
  3. Get me the leaders of the revolt. I will reason with them. If they won’t listen to reason, we will make them.
  4. Hide out until the right opportunity arises to escape.

You have just learned a world-shattering family secret. You:

  1. Band together. Family is family.
  2. Take it in stride. Every family has secrets.
  3. Address it directly with each member. Anything can be talked through and resolved. There is good in everyone.
  4. Find out who is the root of the secret. Form an alliance with them.

Chewbacca is in danger. You think:

  1. Is it possible to save him? Can we band together?
  2. There must be a way to rescue him.
  3. We will not leave him behind. I’ll go down with him if I have to.
  4. Going back for him is too dangerous. We cannot save him.

Moment of truth! Find out who your should mate is below:

  1. I you chose mostly A’s: Your soulmate is LUKE SKYWALKER
  2. I you chose mostly B’s: Your soulmate is HAN SOLO
  3. I you chose mostly C’s: Your soulmate is PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA
  4. I you chose mostly D’s: Your soulmate is DARTH VADER

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